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The Cricket (1980 film)

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Wikipedia article

'The Cricket' (Italian: 'La Cicala') is a 1980 Italian erotic drama film directed by Alberto Lattuada. For this film Virna Lisi was awarded David di Donatello for best actress, while Fred Bongusto won the Nastro d'Argento for best score.

Plot summary

Clio plays a fun-loving girl who likes men. She leaves her home town and meets up with Wilma, a once famous singer. After Wilma bombs out at a local joint they hook up together and become prostitutes.

Enter Tony who falls for Wilma and opens a gas/food/lodging establishment after they marry. Tony slowly gets fed up with Wilma, especially after her beautiful daughter arrives. An erotic yet tragic film.


* Virna Lisi: Wilma Malinverni

* Anthony Franciosa: Annibale Mereghetti aka Ulisses

* Renato Salvatori: Carburo

* Clio Goldsmith: Cicala

* Barbara De Rossi: Saveria

* Aristide Caporale: Bretella

* Riccardo Garrone: Ermete


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